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Realising that the correction of any issue to one's health does not only the correction of immediate pain relief.  Clearing out symptoms is just the beginning.  Realising and addressing the problem that causes the symptoms is what we aim for here at System Health & Spine.  Correcting the source of the problem is key to getting you better, faster.  Our multidisciplinary approach will focus on your pain relief as well as your postural realignment, allowing for optimal spinal health. Many patients have stated to see changes in the following using our methods:

• Numbness / Pins + Needles
• Postural Deformities
• Joint Pain
• Frozen Shoulder
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Shoulder Pain
• Disc Herniation

Adjust the Spine
System Health & Spine specialises and corrects these issues through chiropractic adjustments, specific targeted exercises and traction.

Improve the cervical curve

The cervical curve, or the neck’s natural curvature, can be lost over time due to an injury, poor posture or genetic anomalies. Regardless, it is important to maintain that natural curve to allow for proper nerve function.  Over time, this helps improve or correct this critical problems.

Reduce thoracic hyperkyphosis

Hunching over or suffering from hyperkyphosis, is a sign of poor posture and significant issues with the thoracic spine, otherwise known as the upper back. This failure in posture occurs over time due to physical stresses and poor posture. If left untreated, thoracic hyperkyphosis will significantly reduce proper nerve function throughout the body.

Correcting a lumbar deviation

A lumbar deviation, also referred to as scoliosis, is a spinal abnormality cause by injury, poor posture or even genetic abnormality signified a lateral or sideways deviation of the spine for a straight line. Just like all other spinal issues, specialized treatment is key in helping patients improve their posture and regain full nerve function.

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