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Flexibility & Mobility

Yoga is the combination of physical movement and breath technique, allowing one to create awareness through a rhythmic moving meditation, creating balance and harmony between body, mind and soul.


Jenny’s focused classes will take you through a flow of different postures, centering on strengthening and toning the body.


Our focus is to:

  • Increase your strength, flexibility through mobility training, potentially reaching each joints full range of motion


  • Reduce the risk of injury through proper, controlled movements, without excessive stress on your body


  • Help you to achieve your overall performance goals


The classes:

60 min yoga flow: 

From gentle soft classes, stretching and flexibility to functional mobility flows and strong dynamic classes for strength building


The mini sessions:

15-20 minute sessions that focus on specific parts of the body for

strength and mobility.

What you will need:

- A yoga mat
- Yoga blocks
- A strap
- Blanket

At times, yoga blocks and straps may be used during the class. If you don't have any that's fine! You can use books instead of blocks and anything from a scarf to a shoe lace instead of a strap.

Days & Times

Monday - Thursday -Saturday
Yoga Flow

9:00am  - 10:00am

Monday - Wednesday -Friday
Mini Sessions

Comming Soon!

Payment Options 

Single Drop in class: 10e

8 Clases: 60e
Valid for 1 month

1 Month unlimited: 100e
Access to all classes
Valid for 1 month

Private Session: 30e
1 on 1 class tailored to your needs (first session includes a get to know you interview)

How to Join

Live Online classes are held over Zoom. All you have to do is download the app, free of charge, to your phone tablet or laptop.

The link for the Zoom classroom will be sent to you via email 30 minutes before class. You will be able to enter the class 10 minutes prior to start time, giving time to ensure everyone's cameras are working, get comfortable, and start on time.

Please make sure your payment (if you have not paid for a pack of classes or monthly subscription)  is made 1 hour prior to the start of class (this will give time for the payment to come through and for us to send you the Zoom link).

If you have any questions regarding classes,  email us at or call us at 21 1182 9292

Stay posted!
We will be adding new class options and workshops
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